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Campochiarenti estate bottles and sells wines and olive oil that come from his property in the province of Siena in the municipality of San Gimignano and Poggibonsi.

The soil of this area is an alluvial soil, so his features added to the microclimate of these hills, the different exposure of the vineyards, and the traditional way of working in vineyards and in cellar allow the production of wines with a unique personality, strictly dependent from the terroir. So the flavor shows the characteristic “Tuscan character” and all the products are easily recognizable as products of Tuscany, inducing the illusion of being in the surrounding of Siena every time they are tasted

Campochiarenti winery is the first one in Tuscany who protects all our production from electrosmog. Electrosmog is a type of pollution in the form of electricity. It consists of invisible electromagnetic radiation that steams from electrically charged objects and wireless technology.

We are using special passive devices designed and patented in Italy by L.A.M. These Silicium bio magnets work in a defined radius, producing an inverse phase wave who destroys all the magnetic frequencies, using the RFID passive technology.

This device works on all foods, preserving the real flavors giving back the inner natural energy. It is useful to increase preservability. We use it to protect our barrels and bottles during aging time.


 In our wines you can feel not only the tradition of Tuscany but also our feelings, our values, the respect of the Nature and the love for the vines, that our family teached us.

If you have the same love you are ready for tasting.


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In 2015 we received the Ecoprowine certification that certify we have a special attention to the ecological impact in all the production area. [more details about this European project in this article written in italian]